Peretsman-Scully Hall Princeton University

Peretsman-Scully Hall

Princeton University

The main focus of research in the Human Working Memory Lab is obviously on working memory, which is a construct developed by cognitive psychologists to characterize and help further investigate how humans maintain access to goal-relevant information in the face of concurrent processing and/or distraction.

We are interested in contemporary models of working memory, from both a cognitive science and neuroscience perspective. Current research is aimed at understanding how, and if, working memory is different from the more traditional concept of short-term memory. We also, therefore, explore the distinction between short-term and long-term memory, and question whether this distinction is necessary. 

Our more applied work investigates the relationship between working memory capacity and complex cognition. This includes the relationship between working memory and intelligence, working memory and language, and working memory and judgment. We use a unique combination of methods, namely experimental psychology, psychometrics, and fMRI.