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Scheduling the Lab

Scheduling Protocol

First and foremost, this is the official lab scheduling protocol; if the event is not on the calendar, it doesn't exist and the lab is considered available. To make sure that everything runs smoothly you have to check the calendar before scheduling an event (e.g., run time for participants, underground house party, etc.). Below you will find multiple ways to check and schedule using the Google Calendar (A.K.A. the lab calendar).

Please allow at least 15 minutes after an event before scheduling the start time of your own. 

Unfortunately, the calendar on this website won't allow scheduling, but it does show the calendar for quick reference. 

Access to the Calendar

In order to schedule the lab for your experiment you'll need access to Google calendars. You don't necessarily need a gmail address, you can just use your CGU e-mail. Here are some easy ways (suggested, but do it) to connect to the lab Calendar:

  1. If you have a smartphone you can download the Google Calendar app from the app store so that you have access to the calendar on the go. Since the calendar is shared with your student CGU e-mail address, you can login using your school e-mail. If you prefer another e-mail address to have access to the calendar, let Jean-paul know.  
  2. If you are working on a computer just follow this link : I would suggest bookmarking this link in your favorite browser (Google Chrome has some neat plugins for easy access to the calendar). 
    1. When you click on the link above, Google wants you to login first, and you should use an account that has access to the Google Calendar.
    2. You know have access to the calendar. Drag your mouse from a start time to end time on the calendar, and a prompt will pop up. Give the event a title.
    3. Instead of clicking "Create", click "Edit Event", because we want to make sure that the event is placed on the Memory Lab Calendar. 
    4. Next to the word Calendar you'll find a dropbox, select "".
    5. Finish by clicking "Save" and you are all set! 
    6. Always double check the date and time and whether it actually showed up on the calendar! If the event is not on the calendar, there is no event! 

There will also be links on the lab computers itself to this calendar.